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Delta Dining Table - Adjustable Height Mechanical Base - Walnut Wood Top


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Cleverly designed, the vintage-style gearwork of this dining table embodies visual interest and industrial character.  With an attractive curvature and smooth taper, this stylized triangular cast-iron base was inspired from the ancient Greek letter Delta, which is often used in engineering to symbolize changeability.  The name is an excellent reflection of the versatile utility of this ergonomic sit-or-stand design.  With a turn of the iron wheel, the spiral-helical gear mechanism smoothly adjusts the massive tabletop through an 11-inch range, from standard dining height to full bar height.  The blackish distressed-iron finish of this base is amazing, further enhancing its mechanical character and appeal.  

Featuring a smooth walnut-toned finish, the handcrafted solid hardwood top delivers classical charm that integrates well with many decorating themes, including traditional, modern industrial, or farmhouse.  Highlights:

- Extremely durable acacia hardwood tabletop has a smooth clear-sealed texture and measures 80x40 inches with a hefty 2.5" trim. 

- Hand-cranked adjustable height solid cast iron and steel base with black-gray distressed matte finish.

Dimensions (inches): L80xD40xH29.5-41

Net weight: 294 lbs.

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