Iconic Transportation Collection

Spitfire Desk Accent Sculpture - WWII Fighter Aircraft - Polished Aluminum


This handcrafted sculpture depicts one of history's most significant fighter planes, the British Supermarine Spitfire.  Developed by Reginald Mitchell and Joe Smith, the Spitfire prototype took to the air in March 1936.  Its engine and armaments were enhanced several times throughout World War II, yet the basics of this aircraft are considered engineering triumphs for that period.   Without doubt, this airplane is legionary.

Rustic Deco is proud to offer this exclusive artwork as part of our Aviation collection.  Each high-quality piece has been hand-machined from cast aluminum and features a 360-degree pivoting pedestal allowing for various display angles (dives and climbs).   It is the perfect accent piece for our Aviation Furniture.    

Dimensions (inches): 13W x 10H x 11.5D.

Net weight: 2.6 lbs. 



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