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Longeron Dining Table Desk - Adjustable Height - Nickel - Casters - Glass Top


Inspired by aerospace frame designs, our Longeron table base is perfect for industrial dining themes, including dining tables and desks.  Simulating the stringers found within aircraft fuselages, carbon steel threaded bolts join curvaceous black steel plates to form pedestals.  The longeron-style stretcher joins the pedestals into a very rugged framework creating this table's base.  The hand-crank valve wheel controls the lifting mechanism which allows the top to be adjusted over a height-range of 12 inches.   We added removable casters to enhance the table's mobility.

Dimensions (inches): 72Lx30Wx30-42H

- Steel construction in solid black with nickel-plated steel bolts and nuts

- Adjustable iron crank from dining to bar height

- Heavy-duty rubber 3.5" casters with locking mechanism

- 70x30 inch tempered clear glass 1/4" thick with smooth flat edges

- Great as desk or dining table 

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