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Ironclad Dining Table - Industrial Adjustable Iron Base - Metal Top


First commissioned for military use during the 1820s, obsolesce was not clearly defined for ironclad warships.  They were used heavily during the American Civil War, with some ironclads seeing action during World War I.  Literature does indicate, however, that distinctions between 'first-class ironclads' and long-range battleships widened during the 1870s due to steam-engine advancements.

Inspired by the deep and iconic history of the ironclad ships, Rustic Deco is proud to offer this exclusive dining table.  The base is handsomely constructed from high-gauge steel and iron and accented with domed rivets.  By turning the hand crank, the table's height can be smoothly adjusted from 30" to 44".  The table's steel top is banded with iron-stud rivets and sealed with a smooth semi-gloss black finish that unifies the table's design elements, while providing a rugged dining surface.

Dimensions (inches): 70W x 36D x 30-44H.

Net Weight 315 lbs

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