Unique Upscale Furniture with a Balance of Style

We are excited to finally launch our website! It's been months in the making with designing and purchasing hand crafted top quality furniture around the world!

What makes us different:

Our desire is to be "different" and unique. I love conversation pieces and eclectic furniture that you can't just go to Wayfair, Amazon or your local furniture store to find. All of our furniture items are hand crafted around the world. We design many of the furniture pieces which is then created for us. We offer a wide variety of upscale furniture such as a balance of urban industrial furniture to retro chrome furniture to classic formal crystal chandeliers. This is why we offer a long style category so that you can mix and match styles!  It's all about balance rather than one specific style. That's what makes design so much fun! Think outside the box. No more are the days of matching sofas with 2 end tables and a matching coffee table. Where is the fun in that? That to me doesn't describe a client's personality. If you ever need advice, I am here to help! 

We expect our furniture to be unique, hand crafted and top quality materials such as cast iron, reclaimed wood and stainless steel. We order a limited production run in order to keep our furniture unique to the market and it allows us to constantly change our trends and come up with new ideas. We also offer beautiful wood slabs from South America, West Africa, India and U.S.A. along with cast iron and stainless steel bases and legs. This way you can create your own unique piece for your home. 

For now, our first phase is growing our e-commerce platform nationwide with free shipping on all items over $100. Our items are stored in a fulfillment center in Knoxville, Tennessee and a distribution center in Austin, Texas. At this time, we do not have a full showroom but we do plan to establish one down the road in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. 

The website is a work in progress with hundreds of high end furniture pieces coming in in the next several months! We do make sure you can zoom in so you can see the details of each item we sell. We have several items in our Design Studio here in Knoxville, Tennessee if you would like to see the quality of our items (available by appointment).

If you have any questions as we work through adding and revising our website please do not hesitate to contact us! Looking forward to this journey and we hope you are as please as we are with our new products! 

Samuel & Laura