B-17 Engine 3D Metal Wall Art - WWII Bomber Aircraft Propeller


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This 3D wall art depicts one of history's most famous bomber planes, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.  It was first placed into active service March 1937, at Langley Field, Virginia.  Our artwork highlights one of the bomber's four powerful 1,200hp Wright Cyclone turbo-super-charged radial engines.  Numerous gunnery and armor enhancements were made throughout WWII, but the fundamentals of this craft were, without question, game changing.  The USAAF B-17s dropped more than 640,000 US tons of bombs on Europe during the war.

Rustic Deco is proud to offer this exclusive artwork as part of our iconic Aviation collection.  Each piece has been handcrafted from reclaimed metals and individually hand painted in chrome, black, white and gray.  It is the perfect accent piece for our Aviation Furniture.    

Dimensions (inches): 42W x 32H x 4D.

Net weight: 12 lbs. 

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