Large Polished Aluminum Aviator Wing Executive Office Desk - 81" x 42"


Sleekly-designed and extra large at 81 inches across, you can't miss the aviation reference in this shimmering executive desk. Taking on the look of a reshaped wing, the aluminum wrap and visible screws mimic nicely the riveted skin of aircraft. Angled slightly out at the right, an easy-glide drawer sits above two recessed spaces for storage of your writing and office essentials. The drawer pull blends quietly into the design. The left side of the base angles away to help give the piece a distinctly aerodynamic feel. The working top surface is a spacious 60 inches wide by 42 inches deep, giving you plenty of room to spread your wings - and work materials. Be sure to visit our online store to see a wide selection of matching aviator chairs and other aviation pieces.

Dimensions (inches): 81W x 42D x 30H.

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