Toledo Bar Stool - Adjustable Height Chair - Footrest Swivel Seat Backrest


The Toledo Metal Furniture Company started as a bicycle company then transitioned to making furniture as early automobiles gained popularity.  Much like their bicycle designs, their furniture was made to stand up to rugged conditions. These stools, designed in the early 1900s, were created with schools and factory workshops in mind.

The Toledo-stool design is a classic piece with an industrial aesthetic that can sidle right up to a counter or bar while enhancing the personality of just about any style of room. Their charming silhouettes and mix of bent wood and metal create a look that can go vintage industrial, mid-century modern, traditional or contemporary. 

In sync with the original Toledo stool, our model is constructed of high-carbon tempered steel topped with solid hardwood seat and back.  The richly-grained wood has been sealed in a matte Provincial finish. 

- Adjustable height from counter to bar height.

- 25" to 34" seating height with 15.5" diameter seat.

- Feet are 22" apart at floor

- Ergonomic footrest.

- Flexible backrest for added comfort.

- Net weight 22 lbs.


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