Steampunk Adjustable Height Dining Table - Iron Crank - Gears Sprockets


Inspired by 19th century steam-powered transportation, our Steampunk designs feature vintage and modern industrial sentiments that harness the character of reclaimed hardwoods combined with the strength and ruggedness of cast iron, brass, and hand-forged steel.  The blend of these nostalgic and robust materials creates a truly stunning designer piece that can be integrated into many decorating styles. 

Rustic Deco is proud to offer this unique steampunk dining table.  Hand-crafted from solid reclaimed acacia hardwood, cast iron and forged steel, this impressive adjustable-height table can be used at standard table height and bar height.  The base's metalwork showcases functioning sprockets and gears enhanced by the classical hand-crank mechanism used to raise and lower the table’s top.  The dark-tone metals of the base have a vintage distressed character, as does the wooden base-ends.  We clear-sealed the top to give a smooth matte finish then added distressed steel trim around the edges to further accentuate the table’s powerful demeanor. 

  • Net weight: 485 lbs. (It’s a beast)
  • Width: 39 inches
  • Length - 87 inches
  • Height ranges from 31 to 39.5 inches

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