Teak Root Console Table with Glass Top 60" Natural


A dramatic example of furniture incorporating minimally-altered nature, this teak root console table is a raw, twisting beauty. The rectangular, rounded-edge glass top is 60 inches wide. Teak is a tropical hardwood found largely in the mixed forests of Indonesia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. It resists moisture and pests, giving it indoor-outdoor versatility, and has long been recognized for its terrific durability. Straight from the ground, the naturally-gnarled root is cleaned, polished and leveled. The warm colors range from a darker golden brown to a yellowish-white. This one-of-a-kind table takes on a fresh look from every new viewing angle. This one is sure to become an heirloom piece to be enjoyed for generations.

Dimensions (inches): 60W x 18D x 30H (with beveled glass top).

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