NOW AVAILABLE on - Modern Industrial Furniture from IA|O - Rustic Deco Incorporated

NOW AVAILABLE on - Modern Industrial Furniture from IA|O

May 08, 2021

On March 26th of this year, we had the pleasure of visiting the Iron Age | Office manufacturing site located in Kennesaw, Georgia and meeting Sean Dineen (CEO) and Gail Matherne (Sales Operations).  Laura and I were very impressed by IA|O's craftsmanship and modern-industrial designs.   

After seeing their products and talking with Sean and Gail, it was clear that IA|O's portfolio would be an excellent complement to Rustic Deco's online catalog.  We love the style so much that I dedicated a separate collection page on to host the IA|O selection.  If you'd like any of these items customized, just let us know.  


Expanding Cabin Collection - Rustic Deco Incorporated

Expanding Cabin Collection

February 28, 2019

We are very excited to offer two new collections inspired by the beautiful diversity of the American experience.  Our new cabin collections feature the traditional with the modern, allowing them to compliment any decorating style.  Each piece is individually handcrafted and American made! 

  • Our new Barnwood collection is handcrafted from repurposed reclaimed red oak from American tobacco barns. Every piece is unique: rich in character with a mixture of saw marks, nail holes, checking, and natural patinas.
  • Our new Hickory-log collection has a simple yet rugged look which will evoke a sense of calm, nature, and tradition. Each piece is handcrafted from solid hickory bark-on logs with live-edge bark trim. 

Both of these collections offer a full assortment of more than 100 styles of dining tables, chairs, case goods, vanities, and more.  Perfectly suited for almost any decor: rustic, cabin, ranch, modern, industrial, and transitional.  Customization is available.

Store Updates - Build a Wishlist - Rustic Deco Incorporated

Store Updates - Build a Wishlist

January 27, 2019

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give our shoppers an update.  For this week, we've added Wishlist capabilities to the Rustic Deco online store.  To create your wishlist, you don't need to a store account; however, if you want to save your wishlist, you will need to create a store account and sign in. You can also share your wishlist via email and social media.  Over the next few weeks, we will be offering special promotions to those that have store accounts. 

Happy shopping...

Happy New Year from Rustic Deco! - Rustic Deco Incorporated

Happy New Year from Rustic Deco!

January 01, 2019

Happy New Year from Rustic Deco! 

It's been almost two months since we launched our new e-commerce website (  I've come to realize that even with the massive amounts of learning that we did in the months leading up to the launch, there's still much to learn and lots of work to do.  We're still making improvements to the website design and navigation, including our new enhanced search and filter application.  Many thanks in all of you that gave input and ideas.  Please keep them coming… 

We launched the site with just over 250 products back in early November.  (For some reason, we thought that was a lot.)  Over the past seven weeks, we've been very busy finding and designing more products.  As of today, we have over 700 items, and we plan to add another 300 in January.  Keep a look out! 

In January, we also plan to expand sales channels to include Amazon and 1stDibs.  We've also taken to heart the feedback we've received over our policies.  From that feedback, expect to see some significant changes to our return's program.  The new policy with much more buyer friendly. 

As a sneak peek, we will be vastly expanding our DIY product line.  If you like to build your own custom dining tables and related furniture, you're going to love the new additions including chairs, hardwood slabs, hairpin legs, and many more iron and steel table bases.  Stay tuned!   

Happy New Year! 


Christmas and Cowhide!  See the latest additions to our store! - Rustic Deco Incorporated

Christmas and Cowhide! See the latest additions to our store!

December 23, 2018

Rustic Deco wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

No faux here! Take a look at our new collection of large genuine Brazilian cowhide accent pillows (20" square and lumbar at 12x20").  We’ve also added beautiful round and square cowhide ottomans plus a good selection of patchwork 18" cowhide cubes.  These cubes work great as seats or foot stools!  We also have a wide variety of Brazilian cowhide rugs in 6x8' and 7x9'. Our cowhide items can be found by clicking on our "The Cabin" link or under "Western" in our style’s menu. 

New arrivals!  Aviation Furniture & Steampunk Clocks - Rustic Deco Incorporated

New arrivals! Aviation Furniture & Steampunk Clocks

December 17, 2018

Just arrived, our aviator collection! 
Inspired by the airplane fighters of WWII each aviation piece has been handcrafted in solid wood, polished aluminum aerofoil metal and exposed steel screws. In this week, we have the egg chair, swan chair (also great as an office chair), two styles of bar stools, one-of-a-kind pub table and our unique stainless steel polished side and arm chairs!
For decor, we have added over 150 items this week from steampunk clocks with moving gears to unique 3D wall art! 
We will continue to add new products every week so don't miss out!

Website UPDATE for week ending November 10th, 2018 - Rustic Deco Incorporated

Website UPDATE for week ending November 10th, 2018

November 11, 2018

New Products Added

This week on the Rustic Deco website, we added over 80 top-quality (sophisticated yet fun) nickel and solid-brass office items such as desk clocks, desk lamps and bookends. These very solid high-quality items make great gifts and are perfect for the holidays or special occasions! Along with these unique pieces, we have added more than 40 modern industrial and mid-century modern furnishings, such as antique gold-tone metal cabinets, 1950’s-style (unique yet comfortable) leather lounge chairs plus variety of cog-round mirrors that can be interlocked to create one unique piece of wall art.

 New Sales Channels Added

The Rustic Deco website has expanded to include new sales channels, including eBay, Instagram, BuzzFeed and Facebook.  Over the next couple weeks, we will add products to each of these channels and offer special promotions for joining our mailing list.  On eBay, we will be offering items in Home & Garden and Collectibles categories.  For our Facebook followers, keep a look out for specials.  Stay tuned for more!

 Homepage Improvements

We’ve made significant edits to our homepage this week.  The new Rustic Deco homepage layout will be published tonight.  You’ll see a number of aesthetic improvements to the site, including better images and navigation plus new shopper-friendly links.  We’ve also added three Featured Categories: The Urban Loft, The Man Cave, and The Cabin.  Each of these categories aligns with special interests and caters to shoppers that want refined browsing. 

Additionally, Rustic Deco has added some great new products to be included in The Man Cave. These items are of superior quality and just plain COOL!  If you like solid brass decorations and steampunk, we’ve got them.  Take a look!  As for The Cabin, I can’t rave enough about the great new hand-crafted barrel art.  These barrel furnishings are made from reclaimed – re-purposed – wine barrels from France.  These items add a great country feel.  As always, don’t be afraid to innovate and create your own decorating style… HAPPY shopping!