Craftsman Industrial Dining Table Desk Base - Adjustable Height - Cast Iron


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Awhile back, we came across a vintage Chandler & Price printing press and were inspired by its heavy iron base and wonderful history.  In 1881, the Chandler & Price Co. started manufacturing printing-related machinery in Cleveland, Ohio.  They dominated that industry until the 1950’s.  The “Craftsman” was one of their finest models, and we decided to design a table base that matched the Craftsman’s sturdy and athletic appearance.

Rustic Deco's Craftsman table base has a muscular profile and is extremely sturdy.  This cast iron base provides a strong foundation for your adjustable-height industrial table or desk project. The top moves smoothly through a range of 28 to 38 inches - standard to pub or standing height - via a steel hand crank that we've introduced into the design.  

Please remember to add the dimension of your table top to know your total height range. 

Dimensions (inches): 56L x 28W x 28-38 inches

For total table height add thickness of table top. 

Net weight 550 lbs.

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