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Vintage Aviation Fuselage Wall Clock - Museum Face - Copper Dial


This unique wall clock was inspired by one of history's most famous transport planes, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain.  After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the USAAF modified the civil Douglas C-3s into the basic military model C-47 Skytrain.  During WWII, thousands of C-47 and C-53 versions were used by the allies.  The C-47 later became the pioneering example of gunship transports, serving the military for over 75 years.

Rustic Deco is proud to offer this exclusive aviator wall clock as part of our iconic Aviation collection.  Each clock is a work of art, individually handcrafted to yield an excellent representation of the Skytrain's windowed fuselage. 

The clock's case is contoured into a tapered carapace constructed of a high-grade polished aluminum panel over a steel frame.  The raised button-dome rivets look amazing and echo the clock's vintage aircraft character.

To provide aesthetic contrast, the clock's dial is metallic satin-brushed copper with a museum-style face and black hands, including a sweeping-seconds hand.  We used high-quality crystal-clear OPTIX acrylic (0.080") for the window (clock crystal).  It's non-yellowing, shatter resistant and 10X stronger than regular glass, plus we shaped it to match the rounded contour of the clock's bezel.

 Dimensions (inches): 22H x 18W x 2.5D; Clock's window lens is 6.5" x 8" 

 The silent and efficient quartz movement requires one AA battery (not included).

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