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KNOX II Adjustable Dining Table - Embossed Cast Iron Base - Rustic Walnut


No matter the dining situation, this beautifully designed industrial table will fill the need.  Our KNOX II dining table has a hand-crank iron wheel allowing you to move the massive hardwood tabletop effortlessly through an 12-inch range, from standard dining height all the way to bar-counter pub height.  

This impressive, handcrafted, piece was inspired by the sturdy machinery used in factories during the heyday of the American Industrial Revolution.  Cast iron, forged steel and a solid hardwood top come together to create this rugged, yet handsome, eye-grabber. 

We are located in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee, and we created this unique steel and cast iron design and embossed it KNOX to reflect our love of the area.

 - Mixed Reclaimed Hardwood tabletop is 2.5 inches thick and sealed with a beautiful walnut finish. 

- Net weight 284

- Wood texture: rustic

- Dimensions (inches): 80W x 40D x 30-42H.

- Cast iron base size (inches): 60W x 28D

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